Im impressed with the DIY publishing. I did some book restoration back in the day but its mostly a lost art today. My applauds to you sirs for keeping traditions. Im sure your books are collectors for sure.

But that is the hard expensive way of reproducing many copies. Im sure the quality is unmatched to any self publishing house other than as one poster mentions getting experts to do layout n proofing etc. Pretty expensive but assurance of top quality control.

As for going cheap... Im still curious about the quality of BLURB n others... anyone go through the process?

Im not looking to publish at this time but the thought has crossed my mind so the subject keeps popping up when I meet my old buddies from the horse n buggy days. One fellow did publish a few books in the early 70s and told us how expensive it was to make 500 copies... then to distribute was another nightmare finding booksellers to put them on their shelves. Dealing with managers n photo print houses was a task in itself back before digital and internet, it was all word of mouth. The process was complicated and plenty of hard leg work.

So lets hear about some of those cheapo book publishers and personal experiences?

Thanks for the insights.