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Thread: Wild Camping

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    Re: Wild Camping

    hmmm...just what exactly is in that bbq sauce?

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    Re: Wild Camping

    Lots of huckleberries around there. Maybe a horse stepped on Huckleberry Hound and they slipped some of him onto the grill too. But cowboys are creative and know how to use nearby ingredients. I suspect "Cowboy coffee" and "Roll yer own" cowboy cigarettes both take advantage of recycling horse apples. I guess I should start wondering about the ice tea they served me when I was just 16. We'd get up about 4 in the morning to beat the heat, then take a break around 10:00 inside an old true thick-walled abode building - best insulation ever - listening to Loretta Lynn was mandatory, like it or not, as was sipping cold ice tea. I had been riding a half-broken Nevada wild mustang, was bucked off a few times every day, and everything by that point smelled like horse whatever, so if some horse leftovers went into the tea bags, I probably wouldn't have ever known the difference.
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