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Thread: Camping suggestions on the west coast or western states?

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    Re: Camping suggestions on the west coast or western states?

    When was that, Les? Casual camping near the bristlecone forest has always been banned, along with potential serious fines, due to the risk of tree theft or vandalism (don't be cynical; I know of a famous non-LF photographer who sawed off a limb of the Methuselah Tree and kept it on his fireplace mantle). The opening of the official Grandview campsite lower down was delayed just like all other FS campgrounds (it's still closed!), while those past the groves require 4WD and are always iffy early season. There are many many casual camping opportunities further into Nevada itself. But given tonight's news release that the central Calif coast is suddenly getting an alarming virus spike, there may well be a resumption of very strict rules again. The rules still in place started getting ignored as people from inland started flooding to places like Santa Cruz along with holiday beach party types. And now the effect is showing. It's considerably better around here further north. I just drove past Stinson Beach this afternoon following a camera hike up Mt Tam, and people were very well spaced, and masks were routine on everyone I personally encountered on the hill itself, including a number of German tourists. But I doubt there is any RV camping available in the whole of Marin County at this time, and that fact might apply to much of the coast further south too. Another vacation option going wild at the moment are boat sales around our river delta, which has plenty of room for more boats in general, but not for the inevitable accident rate increase from inexperienced boaters.
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