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Thread: Inexpensive LOUPE for focus?

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    Re: Inexpensive LOUPE for focus?

    Quote Originally Posted by John Layton View Post
    Another reading glass convert...going with a pair of 4X (12.00 from my local optometrist) - perfect combo for 5x7 with fresnel screen, great to use both eyes!
    Do you use prescription eyeglasses too?

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    Re: Inexpensive LOUPE for focus?

    I don't use prescription glasses, as my eyes are still quite good and even at a distance - although I've been losing close focus for ages so that for general use I depend on a pair of cheap (local Job Lots) 2.5's. Went with 3.5's for awhile for ground glass viewing, but the 4's are just a bit better.

    There are times though (very few, but they do happen) when using my 150 G-Claron or 120 S.A. in faint and/or low contrast light, or with a particularly smooth subject, that I'd like something a little more, and for this I will, very occasionally, pull out my Nikon 7X loupe to double check after first using my glasses. But even then, I'm usually spot-on.

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    Re: Inexpensive LOUPE for focus?

    I use an inexpensive Peak 10x loupe which is fantastic to focus on the ground glass.

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