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Thread: Photos are sideways... How to fix?

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    Re: Photos are sideways... How to fix?

    not when I stand on my head

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianShaw View Post
    Trying a crop:

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    Itís right side up!
    Images vastly preferred

    not game trying to


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    Re: Photos are sideways... How to fix?

    Cameras including phones can add rotation information to the metadata of the photo. E.g. Camera was 90 degrees CW, so that preview images can be rotated properly on display. You know for those people who need to cock their head sideways to understand a rotated photo. (Us traditional photographers can understand a photo upside down, backwards, inverted, whatever, a superhuman skill apparently)

    So it's a photo that's not rotated but has rotation metadata so previews and editing software can show it right. If you resave it somewhere (such as resizing in a photo editing software) or upload to an image hosting service, it will probably save the file in the shape it's meant to be viewed.

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