I was just (1 hour ago) gifted (!!) an 8x10 Folmer & Schwing Copy Camera ('Jan 1909') complete with the stand, B&L lens, and detachable (secondary) bellows rail.
Minimum extension of the bellows and box for vignette/size step-down = 17 3/8 inches. Max = 40+ inches.
Front lensboard allows rise/fall. No other movements.

I plan to utilize this camera for wet plate outdoor portraits ... head & shoulders and out to full length.

*** I would greatly appreciate hearing from all who have had experience with Folmer & Schwing Field and/or Commercial View Cameras, as well as any of you who have used any copy camera for portraiture.

I will begin exploring this camera in detail tomorrow morning. It weighs nearly twice as much as my 8x10 Deardorff !!

Thank you !!!