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Thread: De Ionizing Air gun?

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    De Ionizing Air gun?


    Does anyone have one that works well with a trigger that not just full blast? want it for dusting negatives and cleaning film holders,

    Thanks all!


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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: De Ionizing Air gun?

    You don't have a pressure regulator and gauge on your airline? You should set line pressure itself to around 20 to 30 PSI. Compressor tank pressure tends to be much higher. You also need a good air line filter in place to prevent moisture or crud coming through the hose. The problem with my old antistatic gun, which indeed has a trigger, is that the trigger valve often won't even shut at lower pressure. That's one reason I rarely use it, and do film work when ambient static conditions are low - which is rather common here on the foggy coast. The gun valve can be lubricated, but that's one more ingredient I don't want in proximity to film. I can also just wipe down the Formica countertop shortly before the work session, and that bit of moisture in the air reduces static. An old trick in dry climates was for darkroom workers to set out a tray of water and let evaporation humidify things; but I keep my film room completely separate from the sink room or any kind of serious dampness. I don't want any expensive equipment or film getting mold or rust.


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