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Thread: De Ionizing Air gun?

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    Re: De Ionizing Air gun?

    A bulb blower and a Zerostat works for me 99% of the time. For stubborn dust, a clean microfiber cloth used carefully does the trick. I worked in a darkroom with a compressor and trigger nozzles for cleaning, but never had to, nor wanted to, use them.

    The most important things are to keep things clean when processing and drying your film, store your negatives in a dust-free environment and to have your enlarging environment clean and dust-free. I have filtered air into my darkroom and have an air filter inside that runs for some hours before I print. Still there's dust, but I manage to get things clean enough without compressed air.

    And, I'm pretty good at spotting and etching for those inevitable times when something shows up on the print despite the most careful cleaning.



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    Re: De Ionizing Air gun? "other" take on the term "Hair of the Dog" surfaces in my darkroom - after I've been so careful to dust, blow off, etc. my Zone VI 5x7 glass carrier and have loaded it into the enlarger. Now to focus...careful...careful...and - DANG! There it is...again! - that hair of the dog! (Love our doggie, but even though she does not venture into my darkroom...her hairs somehow find a way!)

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    Re: De Ionizing Air gun?

    No Negaflats for 5x7, I guess.

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    Re: De Ionizing Air gun?

    Deionisers are commonly found on amazon at low cost. If you have a deionizing fan blowing across your workspace or constantly operating in your room, you will find dust isnít as much of an issue any more.

    Edmund Optics sells a deionizing nozzle for canned air as well, but itís a little over $100.
    Newly made large format dry plates available! Look:


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