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Thread: Wanderlust Travelwide - still alive?

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    Re: Wanderlust Travelwide - still alive?

    Lugging a tripod around with a TW kind of defeats the whole idea. A very light monopod, if you must, will be just fine.

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    Re: Wanderlust Travelwide - still alive?

    A small and very lightweight tripod makes perfect sense, especially as you can use a viewfinder and focus markings to quickly line up a shot and go, regardless of the need for slow shutter speeds. Even with 400-speed film it would be a stretch to handhold or monopod a lot of photographs not in full sun if you are shooting at f/22. While I use my Mercury 4x5 equipped with a 47mm XL handheld from time to time, most of the images I shoot are still on a tripod. The last time I used it, I was shooting multiple-second exposures at sunrise with Portra 400.
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    Re: Wanderlust Travelwide - still alive?

    I usually add a heavy QR plate FOR hand held shots. More mass less twitch and then I can set it down upright and it doesn’t fall over.

    A flash attachment also does that. With flashbulbs I always shoot 1/30

    I aim with the OE Sport finder.

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    Re: Wanderlust Travelwide - still alive?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nelari View Post
    After some searching, I submit it is Pittsburgh, not Carnegie Mellon:
    Indeed. My apologies. I shouldn't rely on my memory alone.

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    Re: Wanderlust Travelwide - still alive?

    Just used mine today with some Fuji Velvia 100. Also used it a couple of weeks ago for some pictures of my granddaughter at one of her high school graduation activities.

    Great little camera and I am very glad I have one.
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    Re: Wanderlust Travelwide - still alive?

    I have used a light duty monopod with my TW. Use it separated as a walking stick, then twist on the TW as needed for stability.

    The monopod doesn't stick pot when used as a walking stick and the camera on a swingle support is low profile.
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