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I was curious about if there are any cons in developing 4X5 film at home? This was something I was looking into saving up for as well. I develop my 35mm and 120mm rolls at home since I shoot mostly black and white, so I kind have most of the setup ready except for the tank. I was wondering if that over a long run makes 4X5 a bit more affordable? I will def not be approaching developing color film anytime soon, but I was curious if developing at home makes a difference without compromising quality.

I would guess that 99% of us develop our B&W 4x5 at home, and there is no downside, especially if you are used to developing other formats. I have a darkroom, so I tray develop, which I find easy once you get a little experience (i.e. the first few times you may scratch a negative, but after that you are pretty much done with problems). Many others use a variety of different tanks, I'm sure they will chime in shortly!