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Thread: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

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    Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    I am interested in either buying a Chamonix V8x10 ( or a Gibellini ( Would someone help me out in finding the differences and with answering some of my questions (below)?

    - Carbon fiber and wood with a weight of 4.3kg
    - Bellows 95 to 650 mm
    - Front Rise/Fall of 105mm
    - Front Shift 50 mm to each side
    - Rear Shift 0 mm
    - Rear Swing 10 mm to each side
    - Rear Tilt backwards 10 mm, front limited by bellows

    - Full Aluminum Camera with a weight of 3.8 kg
    - Bellows 30 to 580 mm
    - Front Rise/Fall + 65 / -55 mm
    - Front Shift 45 mm
    - Rear Shift 45 mm
    - Rear Swing 45 deg
    - Rear Tilt - 20 / + 90 deg

    Gibellinis shorter min Bellows extensions of 30mm means it would be better for wide angle lenses?
    Chamonix's longer max Bellows extension of 650mm means it would be better for tele photo lenses?
    Is Chamonix's Front Rise/Fall really 105mm? To me it doesn't look almost twice as much than that of Gibellini?

    Also if anyone has any of those two cameras I would be happy about any advice.
    Right now I own a Chamonix F2 and am very happy with it.

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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    There's been quite a lot of discussion regarding these cameras/companies here. A search should bring up some helpful info.
    May tomorrow be a better day.

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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    Unless you live in Italy and can afford the time and expense of shipping your camera back and forth to Gibellini for repair/adjustment, it is a camera to be avoided.
    Search the forum for Gibellini for feedback, reviews and other stuff.

    Chamonix has a well-deserved reputation as an excellent camera maker and the US rep, Hugo, is a member of this forum.

    I don't presently own either camera, but I've been through the Gibellini ordeal.

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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    Avoid Gibellini like the plague. I purchased an 8x10 camera from them plus 5 of their holders. I've experienced light leaks that have required 2 trips from the USA to Italy, which they don't reiumburse me for. Time at the factory takes weeks and weeks. I have recently purchased a Chamonix because I'm not sure if Gibellini will ever provide a working camera to me and I need to make pictures.

    I've heard horror stories from people on and off this forum about them since my purchase. They are building up a terrible reputation.

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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    Love my Chamonix cameras. (045N-2, 8x10, 11x14) Can't say enough good things about them and the company (especially Hugo).
    No experience with Gibellini.

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    Andrej Gregov
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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    I've had a great experience working with Hugo for several Chamonix purchases.

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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    Unless I'm missing something, I can't see how a 30mm min bellows is useful for 8x10. even with a 4x5 reducing back, I can't see how it works.
    notch codes ? I only use one film...

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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    Thanks to all of you for the advice. I will upgrade to a Chamonix then

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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    Another happy (multiple) Chamonix user & a tip of the hat to Hugo, for first class customer service.
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    Re: Advice Chamonix vs. Gibellini on 8x10

    Jay Jay


    Rightly, you've decided on the Chamonix

    Anyhow, I've never owned either of these BUT Gibellini do tend to bang on about their Products and Ari is a very experienced 8 x 10 Format expert, so if he says what he has and there's been plenty of comment in the past (from him), it's pretty well a fait accompli

    Good luck and regards

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