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Thread: selling images to a business for commercial use

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    selling images to a business for commercial use

    I was recently contacted by a local businessman who expressed interest in using some of my images for his company's website, newsletter, and trade show banners. We are meeting next week to discuss this matter, and at that time I need to have some idea what to charge for providing him with the relevant images (no film, just CDs with digital files). This individual has a reputation as an honest businessman, and he was very clear that he has no intention of using the files for anything other than the aforementioned purposes. He also volunteered to promote me by providing my name and contact information when using the photos in each of these venues.

    I am delighted to have this opportunity but I have absolutely no idea how much to charge for this sort of thing. I am just starting out in the business of selling my work and I do not want to price myself out of what could be a good business and marketing opportunity. A few questions that come to mind are: (a) how much to charge per image, (b) should the price vary according to the manner of usage or the size of the digital file, and (c) do I need a formal contract to ensure that my images will only be used for the agreed-upon purposes and not used to make prints or provided to any third parties?

    I would be grateful for any advice about how to proceed, particularly with regard to pricing. Thank you!


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    selling images to a business for commercial use

    The first thing you shouild do is get them to sign a contract. No matter how "honest" a businessman he is, get it in writing. This way if any disputes arise, you're covered. Make sure you specify how the photos are to be used (web site, newsletter, etc) and for what length of time.

    It's hard to say exactly what you should charge, but charge for web use by size of the file used and the traffic to the web site. For newsletter use charge for the circulation. For trade show banners, charge by size.

    If you want to charge them a flat fee (which is not a good idea) make sure to include your post processing time, CD burning costs, as well as overhead for your trouble.

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    selling images to a business for commercial use

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    selling images to a business for commercial use

    Consider joining the ASMP (the M used to stand for Magazine - it is now Media) They have comprehensive guidelines.

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    selling images to a business for commercial use

    Instead of buying software of relatively questionable utility (in my opinion), I recommend to create an account on, and also possibly and This will give you access to their price tables.

    You can copy my contract for your use. In addition to the general terms, you need to spell out specifically all the details of the license.

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    selling images to a business for commercial use

    Thanks QT, I will definitely use your contract and adapt it for my purposes. Thanks also to everyone else for the suggestions.

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    selling images to a business for commercial use


    You don't have to join ASMP simply buy their business practices handbook. You should be able to find it through

    It has price ranges for various types of useage and you should find it very useful.

    Joe D.

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