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Thread: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

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    Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    This is probably extremely obvious but I have been poring over the internet for ages and simply cannot find what (I think) I need! I am attempting to build a simple box camera and am looking to mount a Arca Swiss style plate to the bottom. I thought that the larger 3/8 thread would be a better option for stability but I cannot find the female part that it would thread into. There seems to be a million versions of a 3/8 to a 1/4 "adapter" thread but I cannot find a simple 3/8 female thread..

    Am I missing something really simple here?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    You need a "tee nut." I believe the standard large thread is 3/8-16 (standard smaller is 1/4-20). Like these and search your favorite vendor.

    If you get this kind of tee nut, install it from inside the camera, ie flange of the nut is inside so it clamps as you tighten the screw. That's probably obvious to a woodworker but thought I'd mention it.

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    Re: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    reddesert, you bloody legend! I was going a little crazy i have to admit.....

    Thanks so much, much appreciated!

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    Re: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    I prefer Insert Nuts, there are many types and lengths

    and eBay has some heavy duty camera parts for best strength, with large steel base

    and DIY metal plates
    sin eater

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    Re: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    Insert nuts are fine as long as the base material into which it will be inserted is reasonably solid, and that you can drive the insert at a true 90 degree angle so that the contact face of whatever you are securing does so evenly. "T" nuts can be a bit safer as they depend on clamping force from the opposite side of the material, with a potential downside being that the top of the "T" typically sits atop its own contact surface, and might therefore interfere with some other mechanism, etc. The answer here is to scribe a line around the "T" and cut, chisel, or route to a depth equal to or very slightly greater than the "T's" thickness to it would not protrude.

    If you are working with either metal or some composite material, you might want to investigate installing a helicoil - which does necessitate purchasing the proper kit for the size you'll be needing. A helicoil installed into aluminum is much stronger than depending on a thread tapped into the aluminum itself, as the rotational friction imposed by whatever threaded element (tripod screw or whatever) is much more potentially destructive to aluminum than to the hardened steel of the helicoil.

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    Re: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    There are also a few different types of tee nut, some of which don't have pointed spikes, which might make them a better choice. I've found the spikes to be problematic in many cases, especially when installing them into thinner materials. It helps if you drill pilot holes for them.

    Rivnuts are another option, but they have to be glued in.

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    Re: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    Awesome! Thanks so much to all of you for your responses! Much appreciated

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    Re: Going crazy! Looking for a 3/8 female thread?

    I have found that in order to stop an Arca plate twisting its best to use one with a slot rather than a hole and then use 2x screws to hold it in place. Doing so allows you to use 1/4-20 because you now have 2 anchor points. I've done this and it happily take at 10" x 8" camera.

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