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Thread: Online Reference for overview of Darlot Lenses?

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    Re: Online Reference for overview of Darlot Lenses?

    I like the idea of removing the old varnish and applying a new one when the barrel becomes plenty of flaws and stains. But I see and almost understand that some people consider that a sort of sacrilege. My point is that even a Rembrandt has its varnish replaced when it gets dull, why not a lens?

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    Re: Online Reference for overview of Darlot Lenses?

    Watch any presentation involving vintage or antique items. Condition and originality are paramount. For cars, its Original paint. For firearms, its how much of the original bluing is remains. For furniture . . .the same.

    So here I have this150 year old lens by a desirable maker, Darlot, that has well preserved brass with good lacquer over all. I don't think I'll recoat that. Even if it was corroded or pitted, the original finish is paramount to determining its value. The glass needs cleaning if it is ever again to be used to create images. I may not do that.

    Now I do have another old brass lens that has no maker's mark. It is not as old, is not particularly rare and has an iris diaphragm with marked f-stops. This will be, for me, a user that I will shoot film and drty plates with. I might consider refurbishing the brass at some point, but it actually looks great just now.
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    Re: Online Reference for overview of Darlot Lenses?

    I rather like 'patina' as it suggests that the item has been used, and hopefully enjoyed. I don't refurbish things but do try to ensure that they works as intended.

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    Re: Online Reference for overview of Darlot Lenses?

    Yes, I always prefer patina

    But hate the big wet fixer thumbprint some ancient user imprinted on more than one piece of old gear I have

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