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Thread: Carl Ziess Tessar - Jena or Wien?

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    Carl Ziess Tessar - Jena or Wien?

    I am looking for a Carl Zeiss Tessar-lens, about 30cm. Most of them seems to be made in Jena, a few of them in Wien/Vienna. I have found some information about the Jena-lenses but almost nothing about the Tessars made in Wien/Vienna. Does anyone know where to find information about the Wien/Vienna-lenses? Are they different to the Jena-versions of the Tessar-lenses?

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    Re: Carl Ziess Tessar - Jena or Wien?

    all the same

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    Re: Carl Ziess Tessar - Jena or Wien?

    What Dan said, but look at price, condition, shutter if it has one, coated or not.
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