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Thread: Clothes iron as tacking iron?

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    Re: Clothes iron as tacking iron?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Tymon View Post
    That's what I use. Had it left over from the RC glider I built years ago. Works fine.

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    Re: Clothes iron as tacking iron?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bleachedfan View Post
    Lemme test mine. I got two with a press. You're welcome to one for the cost of shipping.

    I'm in the states.
    Bleachedfan -- thanks! Just saw this. But I've already ordered that iron from Amazon. Appreciate the offer, though.

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    Re: Clothes iron as tacking iron?

    I use a teaspoon... heated on the gas hotplates. I don't even have a special one, just grab one from the drawer... don't tell my wife! haha! I've done 8x10s using the clothes iron, works fine. Was making a toasted cheese sanger a while back and thought the sandwich press would work for up to 8x10's. Never got around to trying it though.

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    Re: Clothes iron as tacking iron?

    Just get a full-sized 500T Seal press and you'll be able to make thin-crust pizza faster than the pizza joints. Just be sure to use silicone release paper so the melted cheese doesn't stick to the platen.

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