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Thread: Update on my office layout

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    Re: Update on my office layout

    Here is my air compressor setup for cleaning my negatives prior to wet mounting for scanning. Currently use Epson V850. Have a drum scanner on lay away.

    First image show initial water yep nd filter. Lots of water vapor which is unuque for AZ. I use a humidifier in room humidity at 41%. Outside like 12%-17%.

    I use a Simco ionizing air nozzle and ionizing fan to keep dust down.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 62FEDE77-DA8E-4E72-AC46-8EB5C8FB8A05.jpg   47D09EC0-CEA0-46B6-B366-B15839D64FD5.jpg   6DAA9FCC-7BBF-463D-A55A-13D9CA694F04.jpg  

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