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Thread: Hint for Dry Mounting Oversized Work

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    Hint for Dry Mounting Oversized Work

    Here is a hint I'd like to pass along about dry mounting...which is to have or create a flat, clean surface - preferably at least as large as the overall mat board dimensions - raised to the exact level of the press platen opening and placed adjacent to this opening. What this allows is for the work to be very conveniently and safely slid into the press, and rotated about if need be to take several "bites" for oversized work...with no undue stresses put onto the work itself.

    In my case, for example, my Seal 500-T press sits atop the leftward protruding "short side of the L" section of a work table (a 4x4 foot section) which is joined to a 4x8 foot section (the long side of the "L"). The working (table) surface is 36" high, and the press platen surface is obviously higher than this. To create my raised surface, I place on top of the long section a piece of 4x8 plywood (1/2" thick), which itself is placed atop a framework of 2x4's (I cover this surface with black Kraft paper to help keep things clean and smooth). The height of this combo happens to be exactly right to match the platen, and allows for a very smooth and even rotation of 40x60 prints atop 48x68 mat boards. I also use this setup for mounting 30x40's, and a much smaller raised setup for doing prints small enough to mount in one "bite."

    At any rate...while I realize that I'm likely mostly preaching to the choir here - I just thought I'd pass this along anyway!

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    Re: Hint for Dry Mounting Oversized Work

    Good tips John!

    I use folding adjustable height plastic tables, so I can change my studio from shooting to drying paper and mounting over a vinyl floor which I hated when I bought this very old house at first, but now realize it is the best floor for my purpose.
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    Re: Hint for Dry Mounting Oversized Work

    Thanks for the tip. I need to rig up something like this.

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