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Thread: Hello from another Seattlite

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    Hello from another Seattlite

    Hello everyone. My name is Jason and I live in the Seattle area. I meant to introduce myself earlier but got distracted by current events.

    I grew up with 110 instamatic and 35mm film cameras. I had the opportunity to work with sheets of film in a very large copy stand camera in high school. Although I considered majoring in photography, I took a different path in college. I did have a lot of opportunities to use film for my major for such things as producing slides for presentations, using print film for 3D/product projects, and using high contrast paper to feed another big copy stand camera for 2D/print work.

    I bought a nice film SLR when I started making money after I graduated. Then I went through a few DSLRs before returning to film a little over a decade ago. I bought a few nice 35mm film cameras and dabbled in medium format but wanted more. A view camera checks all the boxes and more. I recently bought a Sinar F2, primarily because of the modular system design.

    Thank you to everyone for making this site what it is.

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    Re: Hello from another Seattlite

    Welcome, Jason!

    I'm in Bellingham. There are a few others in and around Seattle and out on Whidbey Island.

    Take care-

    Cameron Cornell

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    John Olsen
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    Re: Hello from another Seattlite

    Soon we'll be a hot bed of LF action. Welcome.

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    Re: Hello from another Seattlite

    Welcome Jason!

    Lots of us lurking around the area. This forum is a GREAT resource.


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    Andrej Gregov
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    Re: Hello from another Seattlite

    Yes, welcome. Probably my most used page on LFF is the lens specs. Invaluable as you build your lens collection.


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