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Thread: Hello from San Antonio

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    Hello from San Antonio

    Hello everyone!
    I am looking forward to learning and sharing my newest photographic journey.


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    Re: Hello from San Antonio

    Will, tell us something about your photography background and whether you own any large format equipment. You have some wonderful subject matter available in the chain of Spanish Missions in San Antonio.

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    Re: Hello from San Antonio

    Hello Peter,

    I have been a hobbyist photographer since the 90’s when I developed my first roll of plus x in the school darkroom. Landscape and travel are my favorite genres. I recently purchased a crown graphic, and a 152mm ektar that I’m excited to get going.

    The missions are indeed amazing. One of my favorite parts of San Antonio.

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    Re: Hello from San Antonio


    I was last in San Antonio testing at Southwest Research, then Gulf 1 occurred, I was amazed by the size of activation.

    The river walk was drained for repairs, I hope to see it again with water.
    sin eater

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    Re: Hello from San Antonio

    Welcome. I'm in Austin. I shoot on 4x5, 8x18,, and 8x20. I mainly photograph landscape but occasionally do portraits and cityscapes. Give me a shout if you have questions. Ther are a few other LF photographers on this forum in Austin. I have been thinking about trying to form up LF group to share prints and maybe go out for photo shoots when this COVID thing happened. Let me know if you would be interested in joining us.


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    Re: Hello from San Antonio

    Hi Michael,

    I would be glad to join y'all, and appreciate the invite. When the COVID situation clears up I will send you my information.

    Thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome.

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