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Thread: Storage box for my Toyo 45D

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    Storage box for my Toyo 45D

    Toyo 45D storage box

    I needed a way to safely store my Toyo 45D. While certainly not the lightest solution, I found that a plyometric exercise box worked well for my needs. The box is 12 X 16 X 20 and consists of precut panels that easily screw together. When it arrived I found that the 45D was just a little too long and too wide to fit inside.

    Rather than buying a bigger, heavier box, I routed deep channels for the ends and side knobs. I then screwed in two 1 X 4 boards with notches to center and hold the monorail.

    For the top, I trimmed the pre-cut panel a little so it would easily fit in the side and end notches. The top is held on by two 4 X 3/8 hanger screws that are screwed into short blocks of wood on two corners and held on by large plastic wing bolts.

    There is room in the bottom of the box to store accessories (Polaroid back, Fotodiox digital back).

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    Re: Storage box for my Toyo 45D


    Kind of like the old cases for the Graphic View cameras. You may want to cover the holes with something for long-term storage to keep dust/bugs, etc. out though.



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    Re: Storage box for my Toyo 45D

    Thanks. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I can cover them up and add external handles.


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