An interesting range of times: I shoot at 80ASA and develop Rodinal 1+50 at 9 minutes; top end of the massive dev chart figures.

Some caveats:

- I develop to scan; I don't have printing facilities at the moment. It may be I need to change things later when that becomes available.
- I develop six at a time in a Combiplan tank which takes thirty-forty seconds to fill and the same to empty, so I don't want to have too short a development time.
- Development is by rocking the tank gently along the film plane for 5-10 seconds every minute; no inversions as the tank isn't sealed
- 2 minute wash; 9 minute develop; two minute wash; six minute fix (10:1 hypam, used as one shot). No stop bath.

All very standard; at my current unpracticed level of competence I'm more concerned with removing variables from the equation that sudden flashes of wonderful and not being able to repeat!