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Thread: CZJ Tessar 30cm f/4.5

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    CZJ Tessar 30cm f/4.5


    I've been quite fascinated with tessar-type lenses most especially coming from 135/120 formats.

    I've been particularly curious with the CZJ Tessar 30cm f/4.5 and wanted to seek the group's experiences with it? Perhaps even to share sample photographs taken with it.

    I also understand that it is a barrel lens and I was wondering what kind of shutter is compatible with it if any.



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    Re: CZJ Tessar 30cm f/4.5

    Very nice general purpose lens and great for portraits wide open. I have a 165mm and 250mm in Compound shutter. You could add ND filters to slow exposure down to about 1 sec. I use my 250mm shooting wet plate, about 4s exposure.
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