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Thread: Missing exposure equation

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    Re: Missing exposure equation

    Agree and before anything I try to guess exposure by Sunny 16 in my head

    then meter

    then decide which to use

    I downloaded your file, and will make the slide rule

    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by Emmanuel BIGLER View Post
    Hello from France!

    I have always found, for this kind of "photographic" calculations where a 4-digit precision is useless, that a good ol' dedicated analogue slide rule is more useful than any computer system, be it an expensive mobile phone

    Free to download! Electricity-free! Environmentally-friendly! No monthly subscription of any kind!
    Can serve as an exposure meter, based on the legendary "sunny-16" rule!
    sin eater

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    Re: Missing exposure equation

    Winnie-The-Poo sometimes referred to himself as " . . .a bear of very little brain . . " then made some simple or common sense evaluation of a situation. I often feel the same way about myself, or maybe I am just lazy as my mother0-in-law says.

    I just can't bring myself to intellectually engage with the complexities of exposure and DOF the way some here do. I do admire and respect the pool of experience and knowledge here, it is deep and wide.

    I tend to use two lenses most; a 150mm and a 210mm. To adjust exposure, I measure bellows extension from the GG to the lens board. I know there are other, more technically correct ways to make this measurement. Then I adjust the exposure for the 150mm by 1/3 stop for each inch of extension beyond 6 inches. For the 210mm, I open up by 1/4 stop for each additional inch of extension beyond 8 1/4 inches. This has worked pretty well for me in the field and in indoors. I can do this in my head with a chil wind spitting sleet. Someday I may p;ut an inch scale or infinity reference marks directly on the camera.

    I may have misunderstood the op and discussion. If so, I apologize.
    Drew Bedo

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