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Thread: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    Yes that's about right, it took much longer this time than my first project earlier, I suspect that is due to the Covid. Got the first shipment in like four days.
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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    I remember that short ship time

    Everything seems in slow motion

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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    They're a really nice company to deal with. Luckily I can get there by car with no problems.

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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    I just recently got a replacement standard bellows for my Linhof Technikardan S45 from Keith. Fast turnaround of about 3 days from him receiving the old bellows/frames and me getting back the fitted new one in the post. Granted they are a stock item, but nonetheless I thought it worth mentioning to allay general doubts about delays.

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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    Thanks for all the positive posts, undoubtedly Covid has affected work world wide especially postage issues things seem still to be taking an age with all their backlog to deal with. We have been so busy since returning I have never seen so many what I call “special 1 off” orders in all the time I have worked there ( 40+ years ) ..... not complaining it’s great was so worried we would fold under the circumstances so thank you to everyone for your custom hope to continue for many years yet
    Cheers Keith ..

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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    I recently received two bellows from Keith, a Toyo 810m and a Century universal 8x10. Custom Bellows is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Thanks Keith!
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