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Thread: How to start working on a shutter?

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    Re: How to start working on a shutter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Havoc View Post
    I have here a couple of shutters (Compur, Synchro-Compur, Ilex, Prontor...) that have various problems. Some are blocked, some have the slow times that stutter, some don't stay cocked and other various small issues. Now these shutters aren't on cameras that are rare or expensive and it isn't very important that they do work. So I'm not planning on spending lots of money on them to have them repaired. For some it is even cheaper to buy another one that to have them repaired. But I'd like to be able to use those cameras at least once.

    Now I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to mechanics. I have purchased suitable oil (Moebius), I had already a more than full box of assorted screwdrivers, spanners, pliers and tweezers. If needed a mill and lathe are in the downstairs workshop. There is also a collection of various wrecks of cameras around.

    What is lacking is knowledge and experience.

    Experience I can't learn, that will only come from doing it. So I need to make a start but I don't like to do this blind. Are there good resources about working on those shutters? What would I also most likely be missing? What would be a good shutter to start learning on?
    If you decide to take a shutter apart take plenty of photos and make sketches and keep notes. I make drawings on corrugated card and poke holes in the card (with a needle),where the screws go. Then as I remove screws from the shutter assembly I place them in the matching holes drawn on the cardboard. I have taken shutters apart to clean and lubricate them. Washing the gear trains in alcohol completely dries them out, be careful not to use too much lubrication as the oil will slow every thing down. I have no idea where to source new springs from if they need replacing. Also any dirt or oil on the shutter blades can cause havoc with the shutter speeds. Other than cleaning and lubricating my knowledge is limited. I would love to learn how to do a full shutter repair and service.

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    Re: How to start working on a shutter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tin Can View Post
    I have a set of old mail order Camera repair books

    They are not much help, poor images, insipid text, not worth scanning

    and now my eyes are too poor to even try, even with magnifiers

    I just fit any lens to a Packard Shutter and carry on, I even add flash sync which is easy

    The Packard advantage is it can be mounted inside most cameras, thus enabling many lenses
    I have a fairly large PAckard mounted on a board which I can mount on the front of every lens I own which has no shutter. Handy.

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    Re: How to start working on a shutter?

    Wear eye protection.

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    Re: How to start working on a shutter?

    Over the years have worked on several shutters. Started off with Betax shutters. Always worked in a 16x20 processing tray to catch parts... trust me one under tension will pop out on you eventually... Worked under a digital camera on a copy stand. Was easy to click the shutter as I removing each part. Parts went in order of disassembly into multi sectioned plastic cases. Also kept a log of what I was doing. Last thing is never to work in a room with a rug on the floor. In the end working in my darkroom sink, with the drain covered up, proved the easiest work area.

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