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Grat - anyone who has actually made decently sized prints from an Epson scan and looked at them alongside the same image off any decently high end scanner will be able to see that there are significant defects in the Epson scan.

With moderate competence, DSLR scans can do a much better job than the Epson in terms of sharpness and granularity resolution. I have seen the results and worked on the files to my satisfaction - there are issues that need refined, but they are merely ones of colour correction. A reasonably current 24mp APS-C sensor can do a better job than the Epson.

If you like the Epson, fine, but it's not in any way comparable to what either high end scanners or intelligently used CMOS sensors can do.

Real facts discredit what you are saying: https://www.largeformatphotography.i...=1#post1553112