Hi, I'm curious if anyone has a resource or personal opinion on the resolution differences between films? I have very little experience with LF but have a decent amount of experience shooting other formats up to LF.

I have noticed that generally E-6 films seem to have an edge over C-41 films, but with that said, there are so many variables it's hard to confirm if what I am seeing is reality. I would be very interested to see a side by side test done or hear some of your experiences. Also, where do you think silver gelatin stands against the two. Obviously we would be comparing like film speeds and more specifically the fine grain, slower films.

I have a project I'm preparing for and I'm trying to determine which film I want to work with. I can only imagine, if film resolution is noticeable on my smaller formats, then on the scale of an 8x10 it would make a significant difference, no? Thank you in advanced for your help.

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