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RMS granularity is valid for comparing related films from the same manufacturer, but it can be a bit misleading if comparing chrome and color neg films, which are different categories. Of course, one can reasonably assume that a slower film like Porta 160 is going to be finer-grained than a fast film like Portra 400. And their advertised claim that Ektar is their finest grained CN film of all is true. But that doesn't mean Velvia 50 is going to have less visible grain because, as a chrome film, it handles that grain differently. But again, in large format work, this is all largely a non-issue, whereas contrast range and specific color palette probably will be an important factor. Forget "pixel peeping". Start printing true optical with fine gear and everything digitally printed starts looking gritty. And yes, people do stick their noses right up to my prints, even 30x40 inch ones. If the detail is there, people will want to take it in. The nonsensical law of "normal viewing distance" is meant to be broken.
Glad I'm not crazy! I've always thought inkjet prints look pixelated, especially close up. Too bad I can't make color prints.

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