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Thread: Sinar Norma Copy Stand

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    Sinar Norma Copy Stand

    Norma Copy Setup 4x5 1to1 180 Componon by Nokton48, on Flickr

    Sinar Norma Copy Stand/Overhead Still Life Table

    Built with all original Sinar Norma parts. Had this for many years and never put it together until now. Presently set up for 4x5 1:1 with sweet Durst Componon 180mm f5.6 and Sinar Norma Shutter. Ken Ruth talked me into collecting the Schneider chrome Componons (I have them all) you can easily take them apart yourself and wash the milkiness off any of the elements in your kitchen sink. Which I have done, he's absolutely right.

    An old Broncolor C171 Monolight 375ws with old Broncolor Pulso Beauty Dish. Beautiful light for an overhead close-up type of shot. Will set something up soon.

    Marine grade plywood base best grade makes the most solid copy stand I have ever had the pleasure to use. Rock solid.

    My new copy stand is sitting on my FOBA DIMIL sweep table, I need to find some suitable plexiglass for it.
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    Re: Sinar Norma Copy Stand

    Heh... been there done this.. Add one more aux standard with a un-drilled lens board or similar board and the set up becomes a GOOD macro foto set up. Set up like that enhances stability, reduces vibration due to the entire camera and macro subject platform moving together. One of the lesser appreciated features of the Sinar system.

    The other Sinar widget is the C-clamp rail adapter. Quite the handy device...

    There are few view camera systems that can match the capability and flexibility of the Sinar system.


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    Re: Sinar Norma Copy Stand

    Thanks for that Bernice. I think I need some more Norma 18" rails. They have rectangular slots, the newer ones are more roundish. Have to look around more intensively.

    Have TTL Norma Sinarsixes, and Broncolor TTL flash meters make it fun to play with. Kewl stuff.

    Even my Reflex Hood has the old Sinar Norma era logo.
    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
    ― Mark Twain

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