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    Human sized camera

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking here quite a few times in the past, looking for insights about ULF. I'm really interested in ULF projects like Ian Ruther a or Kurt Moser did. I'm a french professional photographer, I also teach in a school of photography. Here is my website :

    My project
    No electricity, no photography. No oil, no photography. No plastic, no photography. One night, as I was looking for sleep, I wondered why there isn't it already a "green" photography. I mean, today all is rebranded with an ecological bias. There will be a day soon that some big brand come to you with a greenwhashed camera and our conscience will be happy.

    I started wondering: "what a real ecologic way to make photography ?" Short answer, there is none. You can just be careful, use less.

    I then began to imagine a photography that can work autonomously. I wanted to be autonomous (Photographic paper is one big question but we come to it later); not depends on a manufacturer, a brand, an energy.

    Large prints were always on the table. It always as. I mean, it is not really bound with the ethical and autonomous approach I dream of. It is just the way I like to see and show my work. And all that times I teach the concept of camera obscura to people, I would have liked for us to be in the camera, so much easier to understand; So powerful !

    Building a human sized camera. Lightweight and that can be taken to pieces (like Abelardo Morell's one). I'm thinking of a tent like structure made of wooden bars.

    After many searches on internet, I found the APO NIKKOR 1210mm seems to suit my project. The image diagonal/price ratio is my priority. It has to make the biggest image, for the less money.

    What for
    Landscapes mainly. Would love to try long exposures of farm animals also.

    I am really into color photography and I want my setup to be mobile. Direct positive (Type-R) was my first choice, but sadly, Cibachrome is over. Then I found about the Harmann Direct Positive Paper wich develops in cafenol. This is the option I take for now.

    I would like to use this thread to asks you all for advices, show you the progress of this project I'm starting and may be long to achieve.


    - Is the 1210mm a good option ? The diagonal is around 1,20m isn't it ? Does it exists other affordable lenses in that kind of ranges ?
    - Is there a better place than eBay to buy lenses ?
    - Would it work with a simple hole ? What would be the cons and pros of a pin hole ? Is it just about sharpness ?
    - For the tent, I'm looking for something lightweight, fully opaque, without plastic or oil in it. Any ideas ?

    I'm open for any kind of tips, ideas, artists to discover, so feel free to share, I look forward to read you !
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