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Thread: How do you set up your tripod?

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    Re: How do you set up your tripod?

    (If you have a hook on the bottom of the center column.) You can let the twine or rope drop to the ground and just before operating the shutter step on it with your foot to tighten it. A lightweight chain doesn't stretch, but is flexible.

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    Re: How do you set up your tripod?

    Having used a TLR for many years as well as LF, I've grown accustomed to seeing at around waist height as well as at my normal 6'4" eye-level perspective.
    Sadly, at 61 yrs of joint wear and body damage, bending/kneeling/squatting for any length of time are problematic.
    I keep a short aluminum step ladder that weighs nothing in the back of my car so if I'm shooting at Weston-distance from the car, I can have a nice comfy seat.


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