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Thread: Chamonix adjustment

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    Re: Chamonix adjustment

    One more thing Alan: VERY small turns make large changes at the top of the frame (since the adjustments are made very close to the lower pivot point). I went through a whole process to set them that I can expand on later.

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    Re: Chamonix adjustment

    For checking zero settings and bed alignment on press/technical/field cameras, even monorails during total overhauls, my tool of choice is an adjustable machinist's square... Sometimes only accessible when camera is partly stripped of bellows and other stuff (but sometimes in can be squeezed in somewhere), the long rule would go along the bed , but the tri-end would go somewhere inside standards... This shows errors at a glance... Trouble is wood cameras tend not to have provision to adjust it out, but metal ones usually do...

    Might be a bit of overkill, but nice to know the camera is aligned when zero'ed...

    Steve K

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    Re: Chamonix adjustment

    Quote Originally Posted by speedfreak View Post
    Hugo mentioned in his email to me that he has an H1 and the screw is a 5/64. So yes, Id say that the .035/.89mm Allen wrench will work.
    Do you have a link for the allen wrench set?

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