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Thread: Fixer- sediment layer on bottom?

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    Re: Fixer- sediment layer on bottom?

    I also have some bottles of Kodafix with white sludge in the bottom. The expiration date is 2021. I tried mixing it back to a clear solution, but no luck. There were still bits of precipitate. Just to be sure I mixed some working solution and tested it by fixing a fresh piece of film. It did not clear the film after 6 minutes. So itís no good. Kodak chemistry ainít what it used to be.

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    Re: Fixer- sediment layer on bottom?

    I do not easily trust Kodak anymore since 2010 ~. I sometimes dare to try some films I still have. The other day I was surprised that my TriX 320 sheets came out clean out of a development with all non-Kodak chemistry. I have found Kodak not to be reliable anymore in film and chemistry. I only still use Hypo Clearing Agent but have the impression it has no effect. I use Fomadon as a substitue for X-tol. I’m starting to trust ADOX more and more in film and chemistry, in fiber based paper it was unpredictable. I don’t know how these European brands distribute in the US, but if not, I’d turn to Ilford if I were you. B&H can’t help it if Kodak Alaris taps old stocks of chemistry into new bottles with recent expiration dates. Sorry, but LF photography is too time-consuming to rely on half bankrupt companies.

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    Re: Fixer- sediment layer on bottom?

    I just came across this thread trying to figure out the same thing. I bought 3-4 bottles of Kodafix from BH earlier this year, they all have the white sediment in the bottom of the bottle and when mixed to a working solution it doesn't go away. I've heated them up to maybe 85F and shaken the bottle a good deal but it doesn't appear to dissolve at all. The fixer also has a very strong sulfur smell, from right when it's freshly mixed. Against my better judgement i went ahead and used it and it appeared to clear the film just fine for the 2 months i used it.

    I'm about to mix another batch up (this'll be my third) and am trying to figure out if this is the new normal with this stuff - which i've used for a long time.

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