I am old enough to remember when New Wave music was ah....new as well as when people shot on film because it was the only thing to shoot on. Got my dad's old Brownie when I was probably 10 and bought my own 110 when I started working in the late 1970's. Snuck it in when I want to see KISS and Cheap Trick and in the 1980's started photographing bands in Washington, DC. Got a Nikon N2000 in the late 1980's. Grabbed a DSLR in 2008 as I landed a gig photographing the beautiful people in DC's dance clubs. Past couple of years slowly migrated back to film and branched out to pinhole, toy, and medium format. Last December while in Florida found a Crown Graphic with a 127mm, case, and a few holders for $100.

On Sunday 4/26 I am supposed to pick up a Calumet monorail camera for $50. I was told the bellows was OK but I will bring a flashlight along to check it just to be sure. I will have to get a lens board and lens. Are the lens boards proprietary? Can I stick any old lens board in my camera? As for a lens I could go with either a 90 or 210 as I will be mainly shooting old buildings, barns, urban blight, faded Americana, but I also want to shoot people as well. If you have lenses that you love for under $200 I'd love to hear about them. I wonder if it's better to buy a lens from KEH, Used Photo Pro, B&H etc. I'd hate to buy something and 3 weeks have a problem with it.

I manage a Facebook group for Washington DC Area Film Photographers and a Flickr group for Mid Atlantic Medium Format Photographers

I'm mikeratel on Flickr and Instagram

Looking forward to diving deep into this rabbit hole.

Y'all be safe now