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Thread: Old member, new project

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    Old member, new project

    Good morning all,

    I thought it was appropriate to re-introduce myself before jumping back into the forum.

    Been shooting LF for over 10 years now but I haven't really shot anything for the last 5 years - I think my last posting activity on here was in 2015. In that time I've been a in a bit of a photographic funk with very very few photographs taken at all. In fact I've even sold a couple cameras over the pact 6 months to 'thin the herd' a little.

    However, all that was very recently changed as I've just started a new project given the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in.

    The details of the project are here:

    Needless to say, as I've not been actively shooting for some time, I'm really quite rusty so right now I'm getting back up to speed making lots of classic mistakes along the way - and my initial blog posts talk about my getting re-familiarised with all the equipment and processes.

    One of my challenges now is to find suitable inspiration for the various ways I'd like people to present themselves for the shot - I'm not normally a posed shot photographer so this is new to me. I'll be looking to the greats like Strand, Sander, Hill & Adamson etc for their environmental portraits. Of course the other challenge is to learn how to inform and direct the subjects who will not be used to being photographed with an 8x10 beast rather than an iPhone.

    This project has given me a renewed purpose and it really is a joy to be using the camera again.

    Anyway, it's great to be back!


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    Re: Old member, new project

    Welcome back, Tim.

    Explain the process to the people before shooting. It really helps if they know what to expect. If you are shooting a whole family on 8x10 then it can be quite challenging. It seems like someone always moves or blinks at the wrong moment. An assistant is quite useful.

    Good luck on your project!


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    Re: Old member, new project

    Nice project, Tim. I know well the tribulation of returning to photography. A former pro, I had a13-year hiatus, returning (non-pro) about 3 years ago. I thought it would be easier. Anyway, one does get it back, but certainly mistakes along the way before feeling truly comfortable again, with camera or darkroom. But, it's great to be back! I missed it!
    Philip Ulanowsky

    Sine scientia ars nihil est. (Without science/knowledge, art is nothing.)

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    Re: Old member, new project

    Well, first shots done and we're making progress. I have taken the advice and explained to the sitters how things are going to work which has been fun. My wife, Jo has been my willing and very patient assistant - it also helps that she can chat with everybody so that I can focus on getting the job done with just a few pleasantries from me.

    I can feel a few mistakes creeping in but, hopefully, nothing catastrophic yet - I'll know when the first sheets are developed.

    Lots more to shoot but it doesn't look like we're going anywhere anytime soon.

    Stay safe all!

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