Many times landscape relationships present well in different perspectives as seen with these two images. Accessing this location with two separate camera systems is near impossible.
I'd backpack the 7x17 weighing 40 lbs. and many times carry a 25 lb. 5x7 backpack. As I got older I simply couldn’t hike long distances with both systems, so I sold the 7x17” Phillips camera. The smaller and lighter 5x12” format (under 9 lbs.) is the identical 7x17 perspective. I reached out to Chamonix View Cameras about integrating both formats in one camera. Fortunately, the designers at Chamonix View Cameras agreed to engineer a 5x12” camera with a 5x7” reducing back, “sharing the same bellows”. Production of these Teakwood cameras begin at the end of April, if a 3rd 5x12” camera goes under deposit by the end of April the purchase price of $4350.00 drops to $4150.00. 5x12” Chamonix film holders are $330.00 each. Please contact and I will put you in direct contact with the president of Chamonix View Cameras

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