I've been reading about some of the great success many forum members have with stitching together DSLR images of negatives compared to flatbed scanning.
Much of the photos I make are macro/extreme macro utilizing focus stacking and all sorts of odd equipment (this is digital). Reading about stitching reminded me of a vendor of macro-related stacking rails, "mjkzz". They developed a relatively inexpensive "stack and stitch" system (
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) that I believe would work nicely to automate image capture of your negative in a highly repeatable fashion. I reached out to the owner about the total area that the system covers - currently the version in the link above can capture 120mm x 150mm (4.7" x 5.9"), so it could cover up to a 4x5 negative. He did say they are working on a larger unit that should cover 255mm x 255mm, so that should just barely cover 8x10. This is assuming you're capturing images at 1:1.
Obviously the stacking or z-axis is not necessary, though it could help with camera placement above the negative.
Anyway, I just wanted to share that information for anyone like myself interested in a more automated means of scanning with a DSLR.
I also should note that I am in no way affiliated with MJKZZ or their company.