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Thread: C 41 lab recommendation, please

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    C 41 lab recommendation, please

    Hi all,

    Please share where you’ve had great work done recently for C 41 processing. Consistency, cleanliness, film handling, etc.

    I'm on the West Coast, but location doesn't matter as all work will be by mail order now, anyway. I can follow-up on your recommendations to see if they're open currently.

    Thanks in advance to all!


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    Re: C 41 lab recommendation, please

    I’ve used North Coast:

    Call to make sure they’re open.

    Gotta say for a while now I do everything at hone, including C41 and E6. May be a good time to try it out.

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    Re: C 41 lab recommendation, please

    I called North Coast on Friday for E-6, and they were processing. They've done well for me on E6.

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    Andrej Gregov
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    Re: C 41 lab recommendation, please

    Citizens Photo in Portland is great. They've done work for Alec Soth among other pros.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: C 41 lab recommendation, please

    I had my last batch of C41 8x10's processed by The Darkroom in San Clemente,CA.

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    Re: C 41 lab recommendation, please

    In not on the west coast, and now I develop most of my work myself, but here in the DC area I have always found Chrome Labs to do a great job. When I was in NYC I loved LTI Lightside. Not sure of that helps any.

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    Re: C 41 lab recommendation, please

    Edgar Praus:

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    Re: C 41 lab recommendation, please

    Oscar's Photolab on Brannen Street on San Francisco.

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