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Thread: Do I need a Durst Femomask 450?

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    Do I need a Durst Femomask 450?

    Hi all,

    I have made a studio test negative shot with my first 4 x 5 camera. It came out looking very good and I want to see how it prints. I will be using a Durst Pictograph Enlarger. i have all the available masks except the 4x5 Femomask 450. However I do have an anti-newton panel for the top, and a plane glass panel for the bottom. If I use these instead of buying the Femomask there will be no masking. It looks like the carrier has masking blades will these suffice? If not does anyone have an extra negative mask?

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to making the print.


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    Re: Do I need a Durst Femomask 450?

    You have all that you need and the negative will be flat across. Just remember to throughly clean all four glass surfaces - check for tiny dust with a loupe.


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