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Thread: Macro Photography Setup Calculator

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    Re: Macro Photography Setup Calculator

    The intellectual involvement,pre-planning iand seting up is part of the attraction of LF photography for me, but I don't dwell on it to the point that the shot is never taken.

    In the end, you have got to see the shot on the ground glass. Work the composition there a while. Sometimes what your inner eye sees just cannot be captured with the gear you have or by anyone at ll.

    Take the shot you CAN set up for and make the best of that.
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    Re: Macro Photography Setup Calculator

    Well, it's now 2022 and here in Sydney I am very grateful to you for putting this together. I'm rekindling my old passion for LF and will be launching myself at portraits, some local scenes, macro etc., and will be far more effective with your spreadsheet. I made a similar calc years ago and you've saved me the hassle of recreating it.

    Many thanks and now I'm off to enjoy your YT channel for more inspiration!


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    Re: Macro Photography Setup Calculator

    Quote Originally Posted by deldridg View Post
    Many thanks and now I'm off to enjoy your YT channel for more inspiration!
    @marcookie is a citizen of Italy who was working in the US but returned to Italy several months ago. Before the move, he sold most, if not all, of his large format gear through the "For Sale" subforum here. He made some good videos, but it's unclear whether he's still making large format photographs. His most recent video was posted 18 months ago.

    The forum has an up-to-date thread on current, active YouTube channels about large format photography, with a list of channels in post #1, at https://www.largeformatphotography.i...els-on-YouTube
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    Re: Macro Photography Setup Calculator

    A sad thing about some of these older threads as they sometimes resurface...that the OP's have in the interim sometimes (often?) ceased doing LF and are no longer forum members, or maybe have even passed on.

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