Good day to you all ,
I need your advice purchasing an automatic film processor , film photography is a hoppy for me and I don't get a profit from it ( I develop 5-6 rolls of film every 1-2 months mixed between E6 and C-41, thus I decided to get automatic machine for consistency and hassle free operation)

I found the following options in the market currently (budget is not an issue as long as I will get consistent and least amount of troubles with it )

1-Phototherm SK4 with drier module for around 2000 USD (used and refurbished )I didn't find other units for less price

2-JOBO atl 1000 for 2500 USD (Used and refurbished) I didn't find other units for less price

3-Filmomat for almost 4000 USD (New made to order)

I'm not sure about the longevity and constancy of the Phototherm and JOBO all due to their age and difficulty to source parts as I read , though the Filmomat is an expensive investment with double of their prices , however it has the advantage of being new and has less chance to having issues in the long term ,though I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on a 4000 $ purchase ....