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Thread: Long exposure experience with portraits?

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    Re: Long exposure experience with portraits?

    Quote Originally Posted by John Layton View Post
    Now that is one relaxed dude!
    With that beard, there’s too much air drag to run anywhere in a hurry! Best suited to stationary gandering and pondering.

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    Re: Long exposure experience with portraits?

    Quote Originally Posted by Exploring Large Format View Post
    These shots of your kids are fabulous. Inspiring, just need some grandkids to come along!

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    Thanks -- unfortunately the above is a poor reproduction (and/or poor photoshop skill). Not much hope for grandkids...but ya never know!

    Another way to approach long exposure times is to have the person lie down...some old images...4x5, silver gelatin prints, 20" long side, 1986.

    PS -- it was this limited experience with the nude in the landscape that led to the larger work of my boys 15 years later.
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    Re: Long exposure experience with portraits?

    8x10 Studio Shoot, Tewantin
    Gelatin-silver photograph on Ultrafine Silver Eagle VC FB photographic paper, image size 16.2cm X 21.5cm,
    from a Kodak Tmax 400 negative exposed in a Mamiya RB67 camera fitted with a 37mm f4.5 fisheye lens.

    Just for fun everybody photographs everybody else on Ilford Direct Positive paper. Exposures run 5 to 10 seconds but the subjects don't move because they are leaning on a wall covered by a neutral backdrop. And if the camera itself isn't moved it needs focussing just once before the first exposure.
    Photography:first utterance. Sir John Herschel, 14 March 1839 at the Royal Society. "...Photography or the application of the Chemical rays of light to the purpose of pictorial representation,..".

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    Re: Long exposure experience with portraits?

    Thank you, Maris. Good to hear from you!
    Philip Ulanowsky

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