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Thread: Matching mounting board; maybe splitting an order

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    Re: Matching mounting board; maybe splitting an order

    I agree -- the finished presentation is the real "performance" (to borrow from concert pianist Ansel Adams). And after all, why go to all the trouble we do, from exposure to print, if we're not going to present it suitably?
    Philip U.

    Sine scientia ars nihil est. (Without science/knowledge, art is nothing.)

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    Re: Matching mounting board; maybe splitting an order

    Our local stores (Seattle is nearest) stopped serving this market a few years ago. I've been surprised to be able to get my Rising Museum Board delivered all the way from Dick Blick's Chicago store. They do an outstanding job of packaging and, even after being routed through Texas on the way here, the boards arrive in perfect condition. I do limit my 32x40" board orders to 10 sheets though, so the weight will be easier for the delivery people to handle gently. Blick isn't charging extra for shipping either.

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    Re: Matching mounting board; maybe splitting an order

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulophot View Post
    JMO, as I noted, Archival methods is closed for now. I'll probably order whenever they open, but One can expect it to be a while, maybe Autumn, before that happens. I'll look into the Rising warm white. Thanks.
    Archival Methods is open again:


    April 6, 2020

    Archival Methods has received an essential business status to ship orders with a reduced staff in our warehouse. We are shipping orders as quickly as possible, though some delays may occur since we aren't fully staffed....

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