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Thread: Rangefinder Cameras

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    Re: Rangefinder Cameras

    Quote Originally Posted by PRJ View Post
    I am just seeing this thread again after these couple of weeks and this cracks me up...

    I spent around $300 to do my friends conversion. Mine was far less since I used parts from a few cheap cameras, so maybe a hundred bucks?

    Bob just has no clue....
    Maybe I do have a clue. I sold the 110a and b and the 180 when they were new.

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    Re: Rangefinder Cameras

    Quote Originally Posted by PRJ View Post
    ...What people did 50 years ago is irrelevant if there are better ways today...
    "Better ways" like using digital cameras rather than large format film? I hadn't previously looked at this thread. It was worth doing so today just to savor the irony deficiency embodied in that quote.

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    Re: Rangefinder Cameras

    The beseler c6 has a great rangefinder with multiple built in cams (90, 135, 250) and a focal plane shutter to boot.

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