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Thread: Choice for new 210 lens for 4x5

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    Re: Choice for new 210 lens for 4x5

    Patrick, The APO Sironar S that has been recommended above is excellent in my experience, but it comes with a bit of a size and weight tariff. In case size and weight might be an important consideration for you, you should consider the Nikkor M 200/f8 which is tiny (takes 52mm filters) and light (180gr). It only has a 210mm image circle (adequate for 4x5), and is a bit hard to find used and in VG/EX condition - but if you're a backpacker who needs to go small and light it should be worth consideration. In perusing some of John Sexton's books I've noticed that he has used the Nikkor M 200 for many of his featured landscape images over the years.
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    Re: Choice for new 210 lens for 4x5

    What are your print image goals?
    There have been many, many, many 210mm _ 8-1/2" focal length view camera lenses designed-produced for many decades.
    It is the print image goals that should determine which specific lens type might be more ideal for these needs.


    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickMarq View Post

    A 210mm would fill the gap between 150 an 300.

    Now the shop not far from where I live has following models:
    210/5.6 Sironar-S
    210/5.6 Nikon-W
    210/5.6 Sironar-N MC

    The prices of the lenses are all somehow in the same price range.
    What would you recommend ?


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