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Thread: Troubleshooting enlarger won’t focus

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    Re: Troubleshooting enlarger won’t focus

    The lens is too long to make a small print with a Beseler. a 75mm, or maybe 100mm should do the job. I Use a 50mm on my Beseler to make reduced size prints.

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    Re: Troubleshooting enlarger won’t focus

    Negative popping is probably the answer to your current situation, since a condenser lamp house is probably the hottest running version that your enlarger could have. I have printed for 30 years with cold lights and glassless carriers, in part to avoid negatives popping and going out of focus. Diffusion is also helpful for minimizing dust spots and myloweslife I found that when I switched from a previous condenser enlarger (Omega D 2) to cold light that it was easier to get a long smooth tonal range in my prints.
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