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Thread: A pretty cool drybox??

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    A pretty cool drybox??

    Hi guys,

    We are renovating the office space... And I was thinking about installing a box to dry my negatives in. So I don't have to hang them up in the bathroom anymore.

    But my GF said I could do it, if only it is not an ugly box.

    So,.... does such thing excist? A cool, hip drybox? haha

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    Re: A pretty cool drybox??

    How about an old, classic Coca Cola machine (red coin-op with the curvy corners)...convert this to a film dryer? Plus, you could leave the coin function in maybe it would cost 15 cents to dry a roll of film...great way to squirrel away some $$! But be careful about sourcing seems that lots of these have been re-purposed as food (mostly meat and fish) smokers - and you don't want to end up with smokey pics...I mean, I have enough base fog as it is (as do my negatives)!

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    Re: A pretty cool drybox??

    How about modifying an old armoire or wardrobe, or even a new one. Let her pick out what you'll use so she can't complain about how ugly it is.
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    Re: A pretty cool drybox??

    If your tastes are more modern, I bet IKEA or similar has all, narrow bookshelves with removable shelves. You'd need a door, of course, if it has to look like furniture. My film dry "cabinet" is cheaply built into a corner or my darkoom: https://www.largeformatphotography.i...8&d=1527727798
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    Re: A pretty cool drybox??

    The sale's over, but check this out:

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    Re: A pretty cool drybox??

    Obviously your options are what your wife thinks looks good

    In January I bought a huge cabinet of this brand, Seville Classics Ultrahd

    It has stainless steel front door, with powder coat steel in all other areas. I could not smell any outgas or odor and I am sensitive to that

    Made in China as a well-engineered kit you need to assemble. Lots of screws

    When assembled it is perfect for me

    Sold by many big retailers, I bought mine for the lowest price available off shelf at Sams Club

    Could easily be made into filtered positive pressure dust free drying box
    sin eater

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    Re: A pretty cool drybox??

    If you had to ask permission, get a new girlfriend.

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    Re: A pretty cool drybox??

    How much film are you drying at a time? Sheet or roll? That would determine what size cabinet you'd need. Ikea has a tall, somewhat narrow unit with a door called "Ivar."

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