I move a little slow. Received new to me Cambo 8x10 Legend in good shape. Unpacked box and found a round disc, 8mm diameter with a smaller hole within the middle. H'mmmm better save that, but now can't locate it. Okay, well when I was able to actually assemble its separate parts, the Slide Lock for the rear standard has two very small flat tapered screws which hold the mechanism on the top of the standard. I learned that the screw passes through the small hole of the disc. Didn't discover the screw in the box like I did for the disc and dag nab it, the box is now gone. I do things like this.
In addition, I was informed of a missing Tilt Knob by the seller as well as a broken ground glass.

Therefore, Any and All advice, suggestions, and "ribbing" will be happily received.
Thanks, Boney