the Ilex shutter on my Artar Wide Angle Dagor 6 1/5 inches stopped working all of a sudden.

Background story:
Nothing was working properly. Regardless of the setting, the shutter was operating at the same speed (roughly 1/50 of a second or so). I opened the lens and found, as expected, some old lubrication on several components. I cleaned all parts with a brush and some acetone. This resurrected all shutter speeds. The slow speeds are running 20-30% slower but they are consistent.

The problem:
However, bulb and time are not working. The shutter fires are about 1/50 s in either B or T mode.
Attaching some picture of the lens (not the best pictures, sorry).

Anyone faced the same problem? Any suggestion on what to do? Very fascinating mechanism.

Top and middle levers indicated by blue arrows have to do with T and B, bottom lever in red regulates the times (from 1 s to 1/200 s)